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American Rock band Yellowcard formed back in 1997, the band have had their fair share of ups and downs along the way but that didn’t stop them releasing nine studio albums.

The band announced in June 2016 that after their 10th album, it would be their last. They also announced a final world tour which would be their final farewell to loyal fans across the globe.

The bands self titled final album is so bittersweet from the starting gate. ‘Rest in Peace’ comes in strong, setting the tone for the rest of the album. The lyrics reflect their imminent situation as the band say goodbye to their fans, their peers and everyone in between. A beautiful and poignant track from start to finish.’What Appears’ reminds you of what Yellowcard were all about. It’s infectious, bouncy and completely upbeat. Distorted guitars and vocals give the track an edgy and different sound.

‘Got Yours’ comes in with a preppy and driven tempo, that shows off their Punk inspired sounds of yester year.  A great overall track that will have you jumping around in no time, as it drives forward with so much force. ‘A Place We Set Afire’ is another track that bleeds ‘farewell’ to its listener. A track so full of pure emotion, that it leaves a mark on your soul. It’s fitting for the album as Ryan sings ‘We don’t have to say goodbye’ yet you know full well that it is goodbye in this life and in the life of Yellowcard. It’s beautiful, simplistic, yet lights a fire inside you.

‘Leave a Light On’ is one of my personal favorites off this album. It’s raw, evoking and absolutely alluring. The track radiates so much light, it’s blinding. It expresses sounds of forgiveness and you should never give up hope for THAT one person. ‘The Hurt is Gone’ is another favorite of mine. Thoroughly infectious from start to finish. A solid track that doesn’t miss a beat and it’s pure bliss to listen to over and over.  It displays positive sounds that promote change and how’s it inevitable. A track to embrace and treasure for years to come.

‘Empty Street’ is another ‘positive’ track about starting over and saying goodbye to what once was. A punchy track that rips the layers away. ‘I’m a Wrecking Ball’ slows the tempo right down for this stripped bare number. It’s a Folk inspired track teamed with electric guitars, that linger in the background. The vocals stand prominent as the track shows off a different sound to the band.

‘Saviors Robes’ is a beast of a track at 5 minutes long.  A Pop Punk track that will have you moving in no time! It’s got so much bite and no intention of slowing down. It’s infectiously good and will have you singing along. Punchy guitars and heavy drumming power forward before the track takes an eerie turn in the middle with its distorted vocals, as you face complete darkness before being pulled back out. ‘Fields & Fences’ brings the album to its close with 7 minutes of bliss. A perfect ‘final’ track as it reveals it’s true beauty. The track builds before they give you one last burst of energy. It ends the same way it began. Slower and revealing so much. The final violin definitely pulls at the heart strings.

It’s a perfect album that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. You’re happy to be listening to new Yellowcard material, yet feeling so sad because you know that you will never experience that feeling with this band ever again.

The album is everything it should be and more. It captivates as you listen along and go through the motions of saying goodbye.

You know,  we have to say goodbye to the things we love sooner or later and at least, we can say that we have enjoyed a 20 year love affair with Yellowcard.

The time has come to take a bow, go out on a high and say thank you for the memories.

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