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Man The Mighty bring you their new highly anticipated EP ‘Paper Crown’.

The Chicago based Rock band haven’t released any new material since 2013 but, fast forward to 2015, where the band concentrated on writing and recording most of the year. Bring in 2016 and the guys are currently on tour with Tremonti to coincide with their EP release.

The record opens with ‘The Coldest Day in August’ which starts at a quick fire pace with no sign of backing down. It hits you right in your beating heart as it seduces you with its melodies. Its Hard Rock that will always evoke so much of your emotions while being utterly infectious. The track will have you singing a long effortlessly like it was meant to be. The guitar solo is so mesmerising, that you lose yourself in to the moment while it leaves chills coursing through your body. ‘Dead Man Walking’ follows suit and continues the set tempo. It manoeuvres forward luring you into the depths of the unknown. Its a strong and prominent track that provokes every inch of your being. Every aspect of the track is victorious from the hard, heavy drumming, soaring guitars and strong vocals. This track never had any intention of failing.

‘Friend or Foe’ cranks it up a notch or two as it rips through your skin without warning. Its brutally hard hitting with all its fight and it doesn’t back down easily. Its built up anger and passion doesn’t fade away as it keeps thrusting forward. The title track ‘Paper Crown’ slows things down with its ballad-esque melodies. It still keeps a ‘hard’ aspect to it as it oozes at the seams with raw emotion. A solid track that you easily lose yourself to, as it envelopes and snakes around you. You drink up every seductive chord that leaves you completely drunk.

‘Man Made Thunder’ dances around the decaying depths of the unknown as it drags you a long for the thunderous ride. A track that is full of anger and very much like thunder. ‘Trenches’ brings this story to its close. Its heavy throughout and its hypnotic guitar solo will easily seduce you as it leaves you begging for more.

The EP is everything I wanted it to be and so much more. Its absolutely delicious to the ears and it leaves me wanting to hear more without a doubt! My only gripe is that it ended all too soon for my liking, but thats why they call it an EP, right?

Its perfect in every shape and form and I can’t help but adore every piece of its being.


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