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Overall score 92



Verve fans, Rejoice! Your leader Richard Ashcroft is back where he belongs, inside your ears with musical pleasure.

Its been a busy time for 90’s Brit Rock Icons on their comeback trail, so why is Richard’s comeback any different, I hear you cry……

Well, he’s been cut off from the modern world for the last six years. So this is the moment we have all been waiting for and he doesn’t disappoint.

The album opens with ‘Out of My Body’ An electro-pop filled track with hard hitting lyrical content, that make their point firm and clear from the get go. It definitely makes you sit up and listen to Ashcroft’s chilling Bob Dylan-esque tones. ‘This Is How It Feels’ slows the tempo and allows the vocals to stand out at the forefront. Its simple, uncomplicated yet draws you in as it wraps itself around you. You can’t help but get lost in the lyrical affair with all its feelings.

‘They Don’t Own Me’ romances you from the start with its soft enchanting beats. The lyrics are catching and have that ‘The drugs don’t Work’ vibe about them that you start singing along ever so effortlessly. It feels like you’ve known the song your entire life. ‘Hold On’ brings the beat back up a notch as you dance around and forget everything for a split second. It makes you want to hold on to the moment and never let go. It has a positive vibe to it that stands out prominently.

‘These People’ is the the title track and its another catchy number that will leave its imprint etched into your skin. Its a track about survival and how we can make it through even though people are sent to test us. A very strong track that holds it own throughout and will have you hitting the repeat button in no time. ‘Everybody Needs Somebody to Hurt’ has a slight psychedelic vibe to its sound. A hypnotic track that dances around you as it drinks you up before you even realise.

From ‘Picture of You, Black Lines, Ain’t The Future So Bright’ and closing on ‘Songs of Experience’ The album covers serious real life subjects teamed with the battling of his own demons. Its a beautiful and enchanting album that really hits home. Ashcroft shows that his distinctive voice is still on great form after all these years, as he lures you in for the long haul.

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