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Ex-Hockey player Rob Bellamy envisioned his dream, packed up his life and moved to Nashville to make it a reality. Bellamy then set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page, where he was inundated with support for his project and before he knew it, the ‘Long Freight Train’ was leaving the station with full steam ahead.

The EP starts its journey with 1,2 Step, this track sets the mood perfectly for whats to come. Its a very Southern Country sounding track that will have you tapping your feet in no time. Bellamy’s voice is soothing yet enticing at the same time, there’s so much soul that radiates. Its infectious in every inch of its existence. ‘Long Freight Train’ is up next with so much emotion, as it tugs at your heart strings. You fall head over heels in love from your soul to your fingertips on this beautiful ride.

‘When I’m Lonely’ follows as it digs deeper, it will consume you whole.Its a track that so many people can relate to as we’ve all been lonely at some point in our lives. It’s absolute perfection through and through and you’ll find yourself hitting the repeat button without even realising it. ‘Feels Like Yesterday’ rocks up next as the tempo builds slightly. It’s a more upbeat track that will have you dancing in no time. Another infectious track that will make you grin from cheek to cheek.

‘Love One Another’ slows the tempo again for this ‘love’ song. Its filled with so much love, you can feel it. It’s pure and innocent to its core and has so much meaning.

Rob Bellamy takes you on a beautiful ride with this EP that you’ll find yourself falling in love after the very first listen. Its so full of emotion and oozes so much soul.

Its truly captivating….

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