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Overall score 57


‘Destroy and Rebuild’, the new album from Roy Davis Jr,gets you up on the dance floor – but in a considered, soulful way. Roy describes his music as ‘soul electrica’. A hybrid of house, R&B, garage, hip hop and disco, all of these influences can be heard on this record. Born in California, Roy Davis moved to Chicago in his early years and started DJing when he was 12 or 13. With this album, he returns to his roots in Chicago house, with a generous helping of soul and funk thrown in.

‘No Justice No Peace’ opens the album with a beat straight out of a 70s disco, but develops into a modern dance track with its spoken lyric and electronica influences. It sets the scene for an album influenced by the rhythms of the dance floor through the years. Track 2, ‘Hands of Love’, takes things to a higher level with Terry Dexter’s amazing soul vocals. What a voice! Rapper J.Noize features on hip-house track ‘Bang Bang’, but its Terry’s return for the end of the album that packs the real punch, even on the penultimate number, ‘Forever Summer’, which has a mellower vibe compared to the dance beats of the previous tracks.

‘Destroy and Rebuild’ will certainly be at home in the club this summer – the only problem being you might not tell one track from another. With the exception of ‘Hands of Love’and ‘Bang Bang’, it all blends a little bit too well. Even on the dance floor some variety for the ears is needed, and for me, this album doesn’t quite deliver what it promises. It never quite tears up the floor and lets go. Nevertheless, a good vibe for drinking and dancing in the sun. You just won’t go crazy – and perhaps that’s just fine.

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