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Texan Rockers Scorpion Child are back with their long awaited second album ‘Acid Roulette’ and it’s definitely been worth the wait!

This diary of a madman starts with ‘She Sings, I Kill’ that sets the tone expertly for what’s to come. It’s gritty and raw, yet has this sense of clarity. It’s hypnotizing as it takes your body over, sending chills through to your bones. ‘Reapers Danse’ is a beast of a track that hits you at lightning speed. There is this essence of Iron Maiden surrounding it. It’s powerful at full throttle and doesn’t lack any pace, as it drives forward.

‘My Woman In Black’ is bluesy, Psychedelic and powerful to the end. Soaring guitar tones send shivers down your spine while hard drumming holds the back bone in place. Aryn’s vocals are seductive as each lyric leaves his lips. ‘Acid Roulette’ is up next and has a sexy, seductive yet a slightly supernatural vibe to it that will run through your veins as you drink it up. A perfect track that you can lose yourself to, as you sense the game of acid roulette being played in every inch of your being.

‘Winter Side of Deranged’ brings in the agression yet still being able to sound like an anthem, that will have you singing a long in no time. It’s infectious throughout. ‘Séance’ is unbelieveably eerie yet so intriguing. It makes you stop and listen as you hit the repeat button over and over.

‘Twilight Coven’ powers forward with sexual desire as its hypnotizing ways take you over. ‘Survives’ is next and it’s definitely a stand out track as Aryn showcases his vocal range and it evokes so much emotion. It’s a beautiful masterpiece that dives straight for your heart.

You continue your way through this diary of sorts with ‘Blind Man’s Shine, Moon Tension, Tower Grove, I Might Be Your Man’ and ending with ‘Addictions’

Acid Roulette is hypnotic, Psychedelic and seductive in every inch of its existence. Gritty guitars, outstanding vocals, punishing drums and distorted keys make this album an unforgettable groove.

Scorpion Child definitely don’t play by the rules, they create their own as they play a game of ‘Acid Roulette’







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