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Stonehouse formed back in 2010 and are three friends who have that one same thing in common, a passion for playing music. Bring in the present day and the band are back with the offering of their sophomore  effort in the form of Junction.

Stonehouse kick off proceedings with Junction, the title track from the album. Its a soul fueled lyrical affair over a bluesy rock foundation with its hints of country-esque licks. A track that reveals the feeling of hope with its tempo and hopeful sounding melodies. A very catchy but laid back rock ditty. Wintertime turns the tempo up for this soul funk number that they blend together with the edgy unique vocals. In someways it sings Dave Matthews inspired to the listener and it works. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, then appears the sexy guitar solo, who definitely comes to town.

Dark Clouds breaks it down to a classic bluesy country vibe, keeping it simple, not too over complicated but also being able to show that less can be more. A good tempo and flowing melody that allows you to hear every single element of the track to every single chord as its being played. Throw in some lyrical sweetness that gives this piece the edge. Ceidwad is a track that is sang in their native welsh and even though the listener isn’t aware of what is being sang to them, it doesn’t matter because you connect on a musical level to the upbeat tempo and melody that holds the track together and before you know it, you have forgotten that the band are singing in welsh tongue.

Lonely Girl is a pretty little ditty with a good tempo and infectious melody, that keeps flowing forward nicely. Into Stone brings the soul back to the room after taking its break for a while. Sexy soulful lyrics and teasing riffs with a slower tempo, that allows you to feel drunk within the soul that is being fed to you.

From Take My Soul, Stricken Tree, Going Home to Looking For Forgiveness and closing on Freedom Grains, the album doesn’t hold one bad track, albeit liking some tracks more than others but that´s a given with music.  Each track holds their old personalities, the listener not knowing what to expect next. This was the first time that I had come across Stonehouse and from that first listen of Junction, it was giving me this whole Dave Matthews Band sound, which I love because they can still turn it into their own.

Junction is available now.

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