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Bloc Party are back with their fifth studio album and a new line up to boot. The bands reinvention shines through straightaway as they take on a religious trip with `Hymns´

The band may be realigned yet they still bring their immense aura to the forefront and its great to have them back.

The album or hymn book as you will, opens with `The Love Within´ which starts off slow as it builds gradually higher and higher. The track dances around you as it finds its tempo. Its a preppy  dance inspired track with choir like vocals, that hauntingly catch you quick. Overall, a very infectious track that grabs your attention from its first beat. `Only He Can Heal Me´ is eerie as it continues to haunt you. You feel like you´re in a church and giving up all your sins as you lay yourself bare for all to see. The beat is infectious as it swirls in and out. A healing track throughout from start to finish.

`So Real´ places the music into the forefront as the vocals echo in the back seat. A very religious vibe to this track as it follows on from the already formed spiritual circle. Its a light track that feels like its holding something back and it doesn´t come at you full force. A slow burner yet it still intrigues the listener. `The Good News´ is a stand out track with its Country slide guitars. These give a different edge to the sound of the album and makes it feel more real.

`Fortress´ brings you back into their dream like world as it pulls you further back into the fortress of the church. The track echos and eerily lures you in with its spirit like vocals as they call out to you. A slow tempo and beat throughout which allows the essence to shine out. `Different Drugs´ speeds the beat up, like a heart beating at a faster pace. You give yourself to this track as you dance around soaking it all up. In that moment, its you and the music. Its a different kind of drug that fills the air and your ears with its joy.

`Into the Earth´ brings back a more human element into the music with less dance beats and more guitar. Its simple, yet effective and it feels like an interlude of sorts as it cleanses your palette for the next part.

`My True Name´, `Virtue´, `Exes´, `Living Lux´,`Eden´, `Paraiso´, `New Blood´ and `Evening Song´. The album continues the way it started. Its like a book of hymns with their spiritual, haunting and eerie sounds. The music cleanses as it spirals around you with its higher power.

A new Bloc Party is born as they wave goodbye to the old. Its time to find the love within and create some new blood.

Hymns is available worldwide now.

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