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Thank You Scientist are back with their latest effort ‘Stranger Heads Prevail’ and they are certainly back with a wrecking ball!

The album opens with ‘Prologue….A Faint Applause’ that seeps in with theatrical tones, it makes you sit and listen intently. It’s beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. The track captures the audience with its orchestral sounds. It dazzles, as the lights shine out screaming……let the show begin! ‘The Somnambulist’ kicks in next and what can I say…I love every intricate layer of its brassiness. Its dramatic and there’s so much going on, yet its pristine and makes it all sound so effortless. A definite stand out track right off the start gate. The vocals are flawless as each lyric draws you in and each aspect fits perfectly in each pocket of its neighbour, allowing this masterpiece to shine bright.

You dive in to ‘Caverns’ as it pulls you deeper as you feel yourself falling into this heavily infectious track. It’s soaring guitars hypnotise as the Jazz, Metal and Rock fuse together to make an out of this world spectacular. They entwine and interlock into each other as if they belong. The vocals stand prominent and are so powerful as you hear it all coming together. ‘Mr Invisible’ brings lighter, happier sounds for this funky, upbeat number, The metal undertones bleed through yet as not to overshadow the Jazz and Funk harmonies. This track makes you want to move throughout with its great balance of sounds and each aspect take their stage to be heard.

‘A Wolf in Cheap Clothing’ slows the tempo for this eerie, haunting and dream like track. Enchanting vocals lure you inside before it hits you hard with more force. A very dramatic track that feels and sounds like it could be straight out of a musical. Its so full of feeling as it pulls at every inch of your being. ‘Blue Automatic’ is dark, funky and everything in between. The guitar work is intricately skilled  as it holds the core together. The track keeps coming at you with no sign of backing down as it pushes you against the wall.

From ‘Need More Input, Rube Goldberg Variations, Psychopomp, The Amateur Arsonist’s Handbook and closing the show with ‘Epilogue…..And the Clever Depart’

Thank You Scientist do not miss a beat with this album. I love how experimental each track is, as they push the boundaries without fear and each showcases beautiful, intricate and orchestral artwork form start to finish. Its brassy, funky and Jazz inspired with Metal and Rock undertones that complement each other perfectly.

Its a timeless piece that will call out to your soul for years to come….

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