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UK Rock band The Fallen State are back with their highly anticipated EP ‘The View From Ruin’ Which was recorded and produced at Red City Recordings in Manchester.

‘The View From Ruin’ kicks in full throttle with ‘The Quickening’. A punchy, infectious and heavy track that doesn’t slow pace. Stenning’s vocals are on point while soaring guitars from Oke and Price add to this electrifying track, it will tick all of the ‘above’ boxes. ‘Four Letter Word’ follows and won’t disappoint. An infectious track that will have you singing (or screaming) along in no time. It calls out to your soul with its emotive harmonies.

My personal favorite ‘Nova’ graces us with its presence and it’s so full of raw emotion and absolute beauty. The track is a touching tribute to the loved ones we have lost along the way. Stenning’s vocals are so full of feeling, that brings tears to your eyes. It’s such a moving track throughout and every aspect from the drums to the guitar work is executed with pure precision and expert skill. It’s complete perfection with every inch of its being. ‘Sleepless’ follows, it’s heavy, hard hitting track that is full of groove and an immediate connection is made, that you won’t be able to resist not going back for more.

‘Lifetime’ brings the EP to it’s close and it all comes too soon. You don’t want this musical journey to end at any point. This is a track that you will get caught by and want to keep listening to it for a lifetime and beyond. It holds so much feeling inside and out with its fast tempo. A great overall track that consumes you, as it runs through your veins.

‘The View From Ruin’ leaves you drunk with desire and wanting so much more. It sings to your soul as it guides you to a higher plain.

I have watched this band grow and evolve musically and for me, I feel that this is their best work to date. It’s executed with so much skill and they sound perfectly seasoned. Its utter perfection from start to finish and such a wonderful piece of art that will live for a lifetime.

The View From Ruin is available worldwide.

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