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Lets travel back to 1969 where the Hollywood Vampires were born in the upstairs bar at the Rainbow Bar & Grill. Alice Cooper was a founding member of the Vampires and the likes of John Lennon, Harry Nilsson and Jim Morrison would be there on a typical night.

The Vampires were basically Rock Star friends who enjoyed drinking on the Sunset Strip.

So, fast forward to 3 years ago where Alice and his good friend Johnny Depp got together and decided that the Hollywood Vampires should live again through the release of their album. The guys were also joined by Joe Perry and this is where the tribute to the original Vampires all began.

The album opens up with `The Last Vampire´ a passage from Bram Stoker´s `Dracula´ which is recited via the late horror legend Christopher Lee.  `Raise The Dead´kicks in and is an original track by the super group. Its catchy with an upbeat tempo and has all the aspects of a proper Rock n Roll track. If this track doesn´t raise the dead than nothing will.

The Who´s `My Generation´ is up next and its a great cover. The band definitely do it justice as they add their own spin to the track. Its preppy, infectious and definitely does the trick. Led Zeppelin´s `Whole Lotta Love´ follows and this is by far my personal favorite on the album. Its the best cover I´ve ever heard of this track. Its so close to the original that you literally have to remind yourself that it ISN´T. I love how they have added a harmonica to the track which replaces where Page´s solo normally lives. It´s pure Rock n Roll from start to finish. Its sexy, sultry and you cant help but move.

Spirits `I Got a Line On You´ is up next and its a nice little revamp of the track bringing it into modern day yet it still has that classic sound that will never die. It makes you want to dust your air guitar off and really go for. A little medley is up next with The Doors `Five To One´/`Break On Through To The Other Side´ and they kill it. Psychedelic tones mixed with Rock n Roll, whats not to love?!

From One/Jump Into The Fire (Harry Nilsson) Come and Get It (Badfinger) Jeepster (T-Rex) Cold Turkey (John Lennon) to Manic Depression (Hendrix) Itchycoo Park (Small Faces) Schools Out/Another Brick In The Wall (Alice Cooper/Pink Floyd) and closing with their second original track ‘My Dead Drunk Friends’

Its an awesome covers album from start to finish and an absolute tribute to their dead drunk friends who also happen to be some of the Hollywood greats. You won’t be able to stop listening once you hit the play button for the first time.

So let’s raise a glass for the Hollywood Vampires who will never die.

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