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Alter Bridge released their fourth studio album back in October and Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti have decided to sit down and teach Fortress in its entirety – song by song.

The DVD is a must have for any aspiring guitarist who want to learn from the best.  It includes over 6 hours of lessons which includes every guitar solo from Fortress, exclusive interviews and a making of documentary to just name a few of the benefits from owning a copy.

There is also a complete tab book which is artist approved and has been put together very professionally.

I´m one of those people who owns a guitar and tried lessons but well, life got in the way, so I had to stop although after seeking my teeth into this DVD, It actually inspires me to pick it up again and attempt to learn. I know what you´re thinking and no, it’s not just because Myles and Mark are doing the teaching…..

Its straight forward, explanatory yet very instructional too. So even if you´re a beginner, It wont be too overwhelming for you.

The added bonus is, the making of documentary, which is a must see for any passionate Alter Bridge fan and starts the DVD off very nicely although I, personally would´ve liked a longer documentary (no surprises there)

It’s a great overall package, where I see no fault. It will open your eyes to every little aspect of how Fortress came to be riff by riff.  You will see Fortress in a new light after watching or maybe even learning from this.

The boys did good.

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