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Overall score 92

The Temperance Movement 'The Temperance Movement' cover

The Temperance Movement formed back not that long ago in 2011. The band comprise of Phil Campbell, Paul Sayer, Luke Potashnick, Nick Fyffe and Damon Wilson and their self titled debut album is due for release on September 16th.

Only Friend sets the tone perfectly for whats to come. A pure bluesy rock n roll number, the way it should be done. Gravelly vocal tones add texture to the already rocking tempo and melody. Its a preach like track that’ll have you preaching your sins by the closing chord. Ain’t No Telling continues on the same tempo. It reminisces of the old Rock n Roll sound. The vocals are superb and never miss a beat. The rhythm section kills it all the way through without fault. They make it sound effortless. The track builds up to one hell of a solo which will have you chomping at the bit for more.

Pride slows it down to show off the Folk side of the band and it shows off their versatility. The tempo and melody fit and the track works from start to finish. If the word pride had a sound to complement it, then this is what it would sound like. Be Lucky steps it up to have you Rock n Rolling again. I cant find a bad word to say about this track. Its pure, Catchy Rock n Roll at its best.

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Midnight Black is most definitely one of my favorites off the album. A great rocking tempo all the way through and it will have you moving before you know it. Catchy vocals keep powering forward, never backing down. A skillful solo is thrown into boot to make this one epic track through and through. Chinese Lanterns slows the tempo and melody for a Southern Folk Country inspired track. Its a great overall number and absolutely faultless.

From Know For Sure, Morning Riders, Lovers And Fighters to Take It Back, Smouldering and Serenity. There isnt anything bad about this album. A perfect overall debut and it makes me want to see the guys in action on the stage. They blend Rock n Roll, Blues, Folk and hints of Country together to make this classic yet unique sound.


The Temperance Movement is available for pre order now and available from September 16th.

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