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Toseland are back with their second album `Cradle the Rage´and the band haven´t stopped since their debut back in 2014.

I used to know James Toseland as the ex two time superbike world champion, who was turning to music for his next challenge. I now know James Toseland as the super talented full time musician who is conquering his new chapter.

Toby Jepson (Little Angels) returns at the helm of production and Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Bryan Adams, Motley Crue) joins the fold on mixing duties.

Cradle the Rage kicks off with the powerful ‘Too Close to Call’. It’s a heavy melodic anthem that is full throttle from the turn of the ignition and It’s infectiously brilliant from its first chord to its last. A belter of a track and a perfect opener with its soaring guitars. ‘Puppet on a Chain’ keeps driving forward with the set tempo. The lead track is so darn catchy and it’s an absolute powerhouse of a track with its hard drumming and brutal guitars. The track doesn’t have any intention of loosening it’s grip any time soon.

‘Living in a Moment’ is absolute belter of an anthem and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing. James’ vocals are on perfect point throughout as they rain out for all to hear. ‘Fingers Burned’ slows the tempo for a more ballad-esque track that shows off a different side to Toseland. It showcases their versatility perfectly with this emotion filled track, that evokes everything inside of you. It burns into your soul with its poetic lyrics and soaring guitars. It’s brutally beautiful.

‘Stranger Things’ pumps at the throttle to speed things up again. James’ vocals really stand out as the track shows off the extent of his vocal talent. It’s a fast, non-stop powerful track that won’t seize easily. Absolutely infectious. ‘We’ll Stop at Nothing’ is certainly pleasing to the ears, as it builds and draws you in and before you know it, you’ll be singing at the top of your lungs. A true stadium anthem that is utterly infectious and at its best.

You continue to power drive your way through ‘Never Love Another, Livin’ a Lie, Waiting for the Answers, Nothin’ You Can Do About It’ and ending on the title track ‘Cradle the Rage’

This record has no intention of stopping, with its hit after hit of powerful, rocking and infectious tracks. Toseland blend Modern and Classic Rock together to bring a unique and stunning sound. James’s amazing vocals have really come into their own on this record. His vocals were all kinds of excellent before but, now they are extraordinary.

Its an album that cradles perfection and champions throughout, leaving you hitting that repeat button over and over.

Cradle the Rage is now available worldwide.

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