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The end of May saw the first official release of Deep Purple´s Long Beach 1971 as part of the reissue series.

The series is full of rare material from the band from over the years.

This album was recorded at Long Beach Arena, Long Beach. California on July 30th 1971 and it was broadcast on radio at the time.

It was also considered a landmark for the band.

The album opens with `Speed King´. It immediately transports you back in time to 1971 and even if it was before your time, you still get the feeling and energy as if you were in the audience. Its raw and shows off their natural talent. No need for any sugar coating here!

The soulful guitars will make you weak at the knees as each chord is played with precision. The track is over 11 minutes long and it allows you to become lost in the music. Its pure art to the ear drums and the vocals are insane with high pitched screams that will have you begging for more. The music actually does all the talking here.

Strange Kind of Woman follows the lead with a funky groove and soulful upbeat tempo that will make you want to dance your ass off to. The solos will blow your mind and this one is gritty, soaring and brilliant. Its pure genius.

So much stamina and shredding that will captivate you and knock you for six. You could literally listen to these tracks without any vocals and they would still call out to you and leave their mark. The vocals are an added bonus to be honest.

There’s so much rhythm and blues throughout.

Child in Time and Mandrake Root follow and they don’t disappoint.

I could write so much about these tracks but it would literally go on from here to eternity.

This, right here…reminds me how music has changed and evolved over the years but in all honesty, nothing can beat listening to these classics and that goes for any of the music that came out in the same era.

They sure don’t make em like they used to……

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