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The Scottish Rock band ‘Twin Atlantic’ have just released their fourth studio album ‘GLA.’ The record was produced by Jacknife Lee, who has worked with artists including U2, R.E.M and Editors.

‘GLA’ is the band’s heaviest album to date and you can feel yourself cranking it up.

The album opens with ‘Gold Elephant:Cherry Alligator’ that kicks right into a chaotic and fast pace. The track has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. It definitely sets the tone up for the rest of the album. It’s dark as it seeks out its prey and it rips you apart from the outside in. ‘No Sleep’ starts off it a little carefree with daydream like lyrics before the chorus blasts in at full throttle. The track wakes you up from your fake slumber. Its catchy, in your face and satisfyingly good….Some would say that, its the perfect anthem.

‘You Are the Devil’ slows the tempo for a more radio friendly track. It doesn’t quite hit the spot like the previous two tracks. Catchy but lacking. ‘Overthinking’ pushes down on the throttle, once again. This track keeps the vehicle moving forward on this whirlwind escape. Make sure to crank it up to full volume, to really appreciate its true beauty. It finally powers forward before hitting ‘Ex El’. It’s big, meaty ‘Stadium’ sounds that you feel beat against your chest. The punchy hooks keep your hold, as you sing along until your lungs give way.

‘Valhalla’ is gritty, seductive and delightful. It’s soaring guitars tease and hypnotise you beyond the point of no return. One of the best tracks on the album by far.

You sift your way through ‘I am Alive, Whispers, A Scar to Hide, Missing Link, The Chaser and Mother Tongue’ without disappoint.

The first half of the album feels like its warming up the engines for the second part. It started off chaotic, which hit a curb before powering through to the brightest sparks. Some of the tracks don’t fit or even hit the bands true potential.


The great and heavy outweighs the tiny kinks along the way.

‘GLA’ is heavy, chaotic and soaring all in equal measure and I wouldn’t have this album any other way because it shows that human element and how nobody is perfect.

We’re all just trying to find our way…..

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