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My love affair with Starset started in 2014 when the band played Webster Hall in NYC, It was just by luck that I was attending said concert. I remember walking in, they had already started their set and I was immediately stopped in my tracks. I had never heard anything like this before and from that moment on, I was in love.

Their debut album ‘Transmissions’ came out the same year and I had it on repeat, I couldn’t get enough of them and it just made me want more.

Fast forward to the present day and the band have just released their second album ‘Vessels’ and boy, it doesn’t disappoint.

It opens with ‘The Order’ which emulates an eerie, space like adventure that encompasses and pulls you in. ‘Satellite’ arrives as if its been searching you all along on its orbit. Its infectious and bold throughout. A great opening track that will have you screaming out the lyrics after just one listen. An Alternative love song of sorts that gravitates towards your soul. It shines so vividly as it reveals its true colours to you.

‘Frequency’ is up next and it comes in throwing punches left, right and centre. Its a track that doesn’t hold back as it pins you down and its heavy, space like qualities tune in to the right frequency from the start. ‘Die for You’ stands out effortlessly as it calls out to your soul, its filled with so much passion and feeling that you immediately fall in love.

‘Ricochet’ slows the tempo down as it seductively dances around you, before punching through with heavier electro sounds. It creates light vs dark, which blur together perfectly. ‘Starlight’ follows by lowering the tempo for this eerie, yet positively sparkling track. It romances as it seductively takes it hold.

‘Into the Unknown’ envelopes itself around you before dragging you under, the feeling of suffocation starts to take over as it tightens its hold on you and takes you into the unknown. ‘Gravity of You’ is another infectious track that you can’t help but gravitate towards. It pulls hard on you and has no intention of letting go. It drags you deeper, as it tries to break you into pieces.

You continue your journey through ‘Back to the Earth, Last to Fall, Bringing It Down, Unbecoming to Monster, Telepathic and Everglow and the album doesn’t stumble, it executes throughout and there is some familiar sounds that feel like home etched in for good measure.

The album is perfection from start to finish, as it pulls at all of your emotions and embeds itself under your skin.

Vessels is the satellite that orbits the next chapter for Starset.

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