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Gary Noon´s Walking With Giants is back with their debut full length album `Worlds Unknown´ and his studio collaborators include Sevendust´s Clint Lowery on guitar and Morgan Rose on drums and Brian Marshall of Alter Bridge and Creed on bass.

Worlds Unknown opens with `Worlds Unknown, Pt 1´ and it starts the mystical journey to a place unknown and it feels like its gonna be out of this world. The interlude sets the scene perfectly for whats to greet the listener along the way. Its eerie, alluring sounds dance and wrap around as they pull you in. `Broken Truth´ is energetic from start to finish. Noon´s vocals really shine through on this track, creating a very appealing and catching atmosphere for the listener. Its Alternative Rock at its best without a doubt!

`Back to Life´ kicks into gear from the get go and follows on with the already set tempo. It shows plenty of passion and oozes emotion yet still keeping that Rock edge. Soaring guitar parts hypnotize and sends tingles shooting through you. `Bound´ digs a little deeper with a heavier and edgy sound. It will have you leaping in strides towards the beautiful masterpiece.

`Heavy Hand´ is a super catchy track that will have you by the hand before you know it. The track breathes easily allowing it to stand out prominently and the pieces fit together perfectly overlapping and entwining as one. `Endless Road´ appears a darker track with plenty of emotions as its endless road awaits you. You can imagine yourself on it, trying to find an answer as you seek solace in the track.

You travel through `The Now´, `Guilty One´, `Different Voice´, `Solid Ground´ and ending your journey with `Worlds Unknown, Pt 2´ and by then you have covered every emotion imaginable.

A full length debut masterpiece that inspires, opens your eyes and allows you to completely lose yourself into it, yet still holding you tight throughout.

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