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From the ashes of Stellar Revival rises the beautifully stunning and ever so talented sounds of Southern Gentlemen (just like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes)

The bands debut EP dropped a couple of weeks back now and I’ll be honest with you, It’s been on repeat non-stop. I seriously cannot get enough of it and I yearn for more from this trio.

Quarter Life Come Up kick starts guns a blazing with ‘Born This Way’. A full on Rock anthem with plenty of bite. Its one of the heavier tracks on the EP with its soaring guitars. A great opener with its layer upon layer of Rock appeal. ‘If You Just Believe’ comes next and this track is still as beautiful and emotion filled as the first time I listened to it. It pulls at the heart strings as the emotions continue to transcend through to the listener. This song is absolute perfection from its first chord to its last and it makes you believe in the Southern Gentlemen.

‘Get It On’ revs the throttle back up a notch for another hard and heavy track with its fast paced tempo which will make you hungry for more. The hooks are literally ‘off the hook’ and its seductive riffs will get under your skin. The track overall is SO tight and on point throughout. ‘Love at First Sight’ is a pure melodic gem that you will fall in love with at the first listen. Its infectious and beautifully sung lyrics will have you singing your heart out. The track gives hope in love and all the feelings that come with being in love.

From Sounds of the Flag, You & I and Pushed Around, there is so much diversity on this EP. There is a great contrast between the harder heavier tracks to the more melodic focused tracks and the balance between the two is just perfect.

Each track has so much depth in its layers and there is so much meaning behind the lyrics that everyone can relate to.

Its a beautiful, heartfelt, infectious piece of art that leaves you with an appetite for more.


Quarter Life Come Up is available worldwide now.




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