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The 3rd March 2015 was the date and Rock City was the place to be as crowds gathered from far and wide to witness one hell of a Rock show.

First up were The Fallen State. Let’s just say if you hadn’t heard of this band before then you have now. They blew the roof off of the packed venue and were layered with SO MUCH energy. It was Hard Rock to the max and such a great live set, which was tight inside and out.


Like I’ve said many a time before these guys are going to be huge. I’ve been there from day one on this bands journey and getting to see them open up for Halestorm was such a proud moment for me. There’s a great satisfaction in seeing how far they have come in such a short space of time. Ben’s vocals were on point throughout and teamed with rocking guitars and brutal drumming to boot.

Dan has got potential to be the next Tremonti if he keeps heading in the right direction. You can hear it in his playing style and boy, does he know how to shred. Jon killed it with his skilled playing style while Greg kicked ass on bass.

Ben mentioned about how this was an American Rock Show but they were here to show that the Brits can still bring Hard Rock to town as they belted out their songs. I would like to just mention that in a previous review, I didn´t take to `Great Unknown´ but boy, its a KILLER song live!!!


Wilson were next and WOW. These guys know how to put on a show. Chad, the lead singer came out on stage in a marching bands regalia with a shoulder harnessed bass drum, which had me intrigued from that moment on.

These guys ROCKED hard!

They are a cross between hard rock and metal which brings a great balance to the live show and it works perfect musically. Chad killed it on vocals even though suffering from a sore throat. He ripped the room apart and by the time their roaring set was through, everyone was now a Wilson fan.

Matt gave it his all on drums, not letting slip while James, Jason and Kyle gave good on guitars throughout. They absolutely tore Rock City apart and brought the Fuckery to a whole other level.

Chad came out with bottles of beer on a stand and started to play them with drumsticks as each member took a bottle and raised it to the crowd before knocking back a swig. Puhy being on drums obviously came prepared with his can of beer which made for a comical moment as the crowd watched on.

SO much power and energy from start to finish.

That´s Full Blast Fuckery for ya!

Up next were the headliners Halestorm and they were on form as always. They had this hold over the room from start to finish. It was perfectly executed as they belted through 17 songs which consisted of the fan favorites `Freak Like Me´ to `Love Bites´ to some of their new songs `Mayhem, Amen and Apocalyptic´

Arejay’s drum solo was awesome as always and the crowd went wild for him. He is literally like Animal from The Muppets. He has so much stamina and he never slows.

Halestorm never fail to disappoint.

It was one hell of a Rock show which will be remembered for years to come.

Words By Haylee Roebuck

Photos 1 & 3: Credit to Maggie Wright

Photo 2: Credit to Haylee Roebuck

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