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   Scorpion Child and Crobot

Sala Caracol, Madrid

November 26

It was the first time for myself seeing Scorpion Child and Crobot live and what better way to do it than both together.

Also I might add that it wont be my last….

Sala Caracol is one very trippy venue and to be honest, I thought that I was walking in to an ex church. The structure of the building had that church feel/look to it apart from all the psychedelic paintings on the wall, of course.

The stage was the bands pulpit for the evening and we were the congregation.

First up were Scorpion Child to preach to the masses and Aryn was on point vocally throughout as he oozed sex appeal with his gyrating hips. He lured you in as he moved seductively and held you captivated as each word left his parted lips.

The band beamed with so much energy throughout and hard drumming via Jon `The Charn´ Rice held the unit tight.

They blasted their way through songs like “She Sings, I Kill”, “Liquor” and “Polygon of Eyes” to the crowds delight.


The congregation was nicely warmed up and ready for Crobot, who came roaring on to the stage without even a hint of slowing down.

The band cracked open with “Legend of the Spaceborne Killer” which the crowd went wild for. A perfect opening track.

Jake showed that he is an absolute beast on bass. He moved around the stage like a predator stalking its prey with so much stamina from start to finish.

“Skull of Geronimo”, “Cloud Spiller” and “Wizards” came at you thick, fast and furious without a moments rest.

The crowd went crazy for “La Mano De Lucifer” and it felt like the hand of the devil was in the room with us as everyone lost themselves to the track. Brandon gave his all throughout and had no intention of backing down.

“Nowhere to Hide” came next to the crowds delight as they sang it from start to finish and the band took time to present a new song “Slay It Fool” which got the crowds approval.

The band continued to blast their way through “Chupacabra”, “The Necromancer”, “Easy Money”, “Ignite”, “Queen of the Light”, “Fly on the Wall” before closing this night of stoner/psychedelic vibes with “Night of The Sacrifice”

The music completely took your body over as you felt yourself moving and claiming the high that the band were possessing.

An evening that took you on a journey from heaven via Scorpion Child to the devilish depths of seductive hell with Crobot, which made for the perfect combination.

If you ever get chance to see these bands live, You must because I don´t wanna come down from this trip any time soon.

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