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Scream the Headlines

Scream the Headlines are a four piece Rock band from Wales made up of Simon Evans, Ginge, Carl Amos and Luke Beddis. They released their first EP, We Do It Our Own Way last month and I had chance to catch up with them to talk all things STH.

In this day and age, the music industry is filled up with so many manufactured bands, that when a new band surface on to the scene, there is always that question mark next to their name. `We were in different bands when we first met but we´ve known each other for years.´

When it comes to new bands, its all about finding the right name that will get recognized and stick in your head. `It took us a while to think of it, there used to be a band around our way and they had a song called `Scream the Headlines´We didn’t steal it so to speak but it was the only name we could all agree on. Its different to other bands names and we just liked it, so we thought we´d have that.´ adds Ginge.

Many bands have opted to literally do it their own way and put music out onto iTunes independently. `Its wicked but also a weird feeling because you go onto iTunes, where you see the bigger bands, like the bands on the radio, who you go to see at their concerts and then there´s us. We got to number 42 in the rock charts for a day but its better than nothing and loads of people who´ve bought it, have left really good feedback. Its all a bit overwhelming really because we spent so long on it.´

So its all still a new experience for the band but they are setting their sights on the bigger picture already, Dreaming big is NEVER a bad thing and they have the right attitudes to make it happen. `We are focusing on promoting the EP as much as we can in the UK and if we get any snippet of a chance to go to Europe or stateside then we would be gone in a flash. We really want to take over the world.´

EP´s seem to be the flavor at the moment, So does that mean the end of road for albums. `We have about 10 tracks all together if not more and we did record the older material about a year ago, then we thought…people had heard it all live, so we wanted to put out 4 brand new tracks for this EP. We have the material and the sources to put out a full album. We just need to knuckle down and do it.´

We Do It Our Own Way is available via Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby and Spotify now.

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