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Getting ready and preparing for up and coming European dates, Slash has much to scream about, But a Velvet Revolver reunion isnt one of them. Slash has been a busy man in 2012 with his second solo album Apocalyptic Love hitting record stores, Fronted by Myles Kennedy with the Conspirators, the album climbed up in rock charts world wide and would be considered a huge success. Countless gigs across the world sent the band from good to great overnight.

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Scott Weiland may have reunited with his fellow ex band mates for a one off gig last year, but his recent comments seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

Speaking to Classic Rock Slash had this to say “I have no idea what he is talking about…. We re not buying it……

It came about last month that Scott was fired from the Stone Temple Pilots, Slash commented that he feels Weiland is trying to publicly wedge himself a job.

Slash adds “It also pisses me off that he has put STP through so much shit over the years and put us through shit too when we were working with him. In 2008, that was over with, so at this point when he starts coming up with this stuff its like whatever……

Whatever happens with Slash in the future we cant see a Velvet Revolver reunion any time soon!


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