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This week we had the chance to catch up with the awesome Sofia Lilja from Swedish rock band Nubian Rose



Hi Sofia , For those who don`t know you or Nubian Rose can you give us a brief History?
Christer had heard me do a cover of Nine Inch Nails song Hurt and loved it and asked me if I would like to come and play with him and some guys at a party. And of course I would! The guys where Thomas Lindgren and Henric Uhrbom and of course Christer. I must say that we all felt instantly that we had something going on and most important the crowd went crazy
A few days after the gig we formed Nubian Rose and asked David Algesten to join us We new David from a distance and new that he was a great drummer who had recently quit his other band so the timing was great. And after a some rehearsals we realized we needed a keyboard player. And since Fredrik, Christer’s brother is a great keyboardist the choice was easy. After that everything happened quit fast. Me and Christer started to write songs and we rehearsed a lot and pretty soon we felt that we had some awesome material that needed to be put on an album.


You worked on the idol Program in Sweden as the vocal coach, how did you land that role?

I was head hunted actually.

Do you feel those kinds of programs help the current music industry?

Well. I remember when I got the question, I was very unsure if I would say yes. Because t I felt hesitant whether to compete in singing, or even music for that matter. But most of all for the enormous responsibility it lies in to work with people, most of them quit young and their dreams. It is a huge development and challenge they face. Then with the industry and business around Idol I feel ambivalent to. But I´m very proud of the amazing artists that come through Idol and how many of them tended their trademark and become interesting and colorful artists!

When that ended how did you find yourself writing and recording with Nubian Rose? As I said before, because I had been looking for a musical context that felt right. For some time. I felt a strong need to express myself both powerful and emotional both vocally and musically and through lyrics. So when I found myself in Nubian Rose, it felt like coming home

Has the success of the album Mountain surprised you at all?
We never did the record with an ulterior motive. We just wanted to do great music from our hearts the best we could. We often spoke of the importance to be able to do what felt right for us. And not get caught up in following trends or thinking strategist. We want to focus on finding our expression.

We know your playing the HRH AOR festival in April! Are you looking forward to that?
Yeah we can´t wait to get over there! We so looking forward to meet fans who we have contact with trough our Facebook page. And to be able to play our music live for theme and everybody else hopefully meet new fans. It will be awesome!


What future plans do you have to take the world by storm ?
Just before Christmas we went to Gothenburg in Sweden to record an EP together with one of the worlds greatest producers, Tobias Lindell (Europe, H.E.A.T. Hardcore Superstar, Mustasch). The result of that recording is really great and we still want to release that EP later this spring. But, on the other hand, if we record just a few more songs we will have a full album…. I guess we haven’t really decided yet :D Lol!


Any other UK tour plans?
Well, when we come over in April we might ad some extra shows, while we are over there. Otherwise we promise to come over to do a proper tour later this year.

And Lastly if you could share the stage with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why?
Oh that’s really difficult to choice. But I must say I would love to share stage with David Coverdale. That would be mind blowing crazy fun He is such a great inspiration and a fenomenal singer!

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