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Hello Everyone! For my first column,i would like to discuss some tips on songwriting.

When i’m writing a song,it comes from pure inspiration! It could be something i’m going through,happened to Me(or a friend,family or other)or something I truly believe in.It could be about Truth,Love,Pain,Faith,Rock’nRoll,Fun,Partying,Good Times,Bad Times,Friends,Family,etc..If my life is a little boring and not much going on, I will write about other peoples lives.Or sometimes I will just sit down to jam/create and a cool musical idea or catchy melodic riff just comes to me. Love when that happens (quick record it)! But as much as I write from pure inspiration, there are Music Theory tools that I use to make it all work together.

Below is one such tool,a Basic Songwriting Chord Chart for some Major Keys.The Chart does get into the theory of how we arrived or why these chords work in these keys,but we will get to that later.This at least will get us moving. Enjoy! See You Next Month!


                       Basic Chords for Songwriting in a “Major Key”


Key        Chords Available 

C     C, Dm, Em, F, G (G7), Am, B dim (I sometimes use Bb Major instead of B dim)

G     G, Am, Bm, C, D (D7), Em, F# dim (or substitute F# dim with F Major)

D     D, Em, F#m, G, A (A7), Bm, C# dim (or substitute C# dim with C Major)

A     A, Bm, C#m, D, E (E7), F#m, G# dim (or substitute G# dim with G Major)

E     E, F#m, G#m, A, B (B7), C#m, D# dim (or substitute D# dim with D Major)

B     B, C#m, D#m, E, F# (F#7), G#m, A# dim (or substitute A# dim with A Major)

F      F, Gm, Am, Bb, C (C7), Dm, E dim (or substitute E dim with Eb Major)

Bb   Bb, Cm, Dm, Eb, F (F7), Gm, A dim (or substitute A dim with Ab Major)

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