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TEA is a Spanish Hard Rock Blues band that have been playing since 1991. Fast forward 20 years and they have supported the likes of Deep Purple, Status Quo, Cheap Trick, Glenn Hughes and thats just to name a few.

Bassist Pedro Ubeda joined the band back in 2000 and he hasn’t looked back since, The band have played over 2000 gigs together and they don’t look to be slowing down any time soon, as they keep notching up that tale each year.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Pedro over the weekend (Well, I wouldn’t really call it luck. It does help when he is a friend of mine haha)

Pedro took me back to the days of cassette tapes and when he first fell in love with music – I bet most of you out there won’t even know what one is haha.

“When I was a kid I bought the OST cassette tape for the movie “Grease” and I was immediately attracted by the infamous song “You’re the One That I Want”, and as I delved further into it, I found “Grease”, composed by The Bee Gees and performed by Frankie Valli and that was it, I had made my first contact with Rock & Roll along with the songs “Grease Lighting” or the absolute classic “Hound Dog”. I literally wore the tape out by listening to them over and over again. The most shocking sound that left an imprint in my mind forever was, when I listened to the cover of The Yardbirds song “Still I’m Sad” performed by Rainbow on their “On Stage” album. The energy at the beginning of the song provoked me in such a way that I knew I had a connection to Rock” Explained Pedro.

“I started playing guitar in 86’, I think it was in 88’ when I joined a band playing bass. I can play guitar as well and I used to play keyboards but only to compose music. I first realised that I wanted to be in a band when listening to the likes of Van Halen, Whitesnake, Kiss, Meat Loaf, Ted Nugent, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, I thought that, if listening to them gave me such joy, playing their songs might be the peak of it all. I bet I sound corny right about now……what I can I say? Music is everything to me.”

Pedro continued reminiscing about his musical journey, what has been his most memorable experiences so far and who has made an impact on his life.

“There are some. One being the concert we did with Cheap Trick, Status Quo and Deep Purple at the Vistalegre Bullring in Madrid. Playing with them and getting to know some of our idols was amazing! Another would be, Jamming with Tony Carey, the former keyboard player for Rainbow in Germany was fantastic. And at the top by far, would be the collaboration with Greg Ridley from Humble Pie on our third record. Which was absolutely awesome! He even gave us one of his last unpublished songs, “L.O.V.E.” as a gift, His whole participation on our cover of the Humble Pie song “Stone Cold Fever” and having his voice and having him play bass on that Tea album has been a massive honour for us.”


“We have played so many different venues big or small, I find an awesome atmosphere can always be created in small places, such as Pachamama Rock in Mojacar. We play there in the Summer and its always a party, or at La Traviesa in Torredembarra. We LOVE playing in the UK too! We have done more than 150 gigs there and I NEVER get tired of it. It’s always a pleasure to go back and play for all our English friends.”

“When we perform, no matter where it may be, I love playing “Tonight”, “Understand”, “Ce Ce Baby” These are so powerful and all of our songs have a strong influence of Blues even the heaviest ones. “Bring Back That Feeling” goes from the most inspired Blues feeling to a strong climax. I also like any song that can be open to improvisation and how the person or musician interprets it. The music today is very different to back when I was growing up, but I admit, I do love Vintage Trouble and Lissie. Independent artists of today have the useful tool of the internet, where they can put their music out there for all to hear including the big companies and in the end, the public decides their fate. I do think that the great musicians such as Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks or Glenn Hughes for example, are still classed as today’s music because they continue releasing awesome albums along with impeccable tours and they still make the sales. My biggest influences are, Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Free, These are the great bands who knew how to change music and create a new and marvellous path which influenced millions worldwide.” Added Pedro.


As time was running out, we couldn’t let Pedro go without asking him some ‘fun’ questions. We started off by asking him out of a sheep or a wolf, which of these two animals are you most like…..his response, “I’m a goat. A crazy goat.” haha. We also found out that the crazy goat would like to invite Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Michael Palin and porn star Coco Dundee to dinner…..Sounds like a fun night!

And on that note, we bid our farewells.

Words by Haylee Roebuck

Photos- Credits to the owners

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