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Where were you? I bet you remember don`t you, for me I was at work on a late night when the news filtered through from my mother of all people. I remember the phone call and my Mum telling me “Micheal Jackson has passed away”. For anyone of my generation you will all feel the impact of this tragic news, that warm June 25th evening. As a child Bad accompanied me in my new cassette walk man. Man in the mirror was the soundtrack to me being twelve years old.

Micheal`s career has been over shadowed by law suits and allegations, people tried so hard to bring him down and laid bare to his good name and fantastic career. Early on in the Jackson 5 he stood out from his larger and older brothers. His voiceyoung-mj1 on Rockin Robin and ABC made both songs hits along with countless others. In 1975 the Jackson 5 signed with Epic Records and renamed themselves the Jacksons, releasing 6 albums between 1975 and 1984, There biggest hit being “Can You Feel It” with writing credits going to Micheal. Whilst the Jacksons still toured and wrote, Micheal embarked on a solo career and in 1979 he recorded Off The Wall, Hits including “Dont Stop Till You Get Enough” and “Rock with you”.

In 1982 he teamed up with Quincy Jones and put out Thriller, the ground breaking album which became 1983 biggest selling record. Hits “Beat it” , “Billie Jean” and “Don`t Stop Till You Get Enough” all added to the 7 billboard top 100 singles off the album. Thriller gained Double Diamond Status from the RIAA after shipping 29 million units, winning grammy`s and awards all over the world. You remember the video right??

The Bad album spawned seven hit singles in the U.S., five of which “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Man in the Mirror” and “Dirty Diana” reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This was a record for most number one Hot 100 singles from any one album, including Thriller. 1987 seemed to be a good year for Micheal and the bad tour was planned finishing on January 14 1989.

As his career continued the law suits and allegations came, Sexual Assault charges, court case after court case. Still Micheal sold out concerts and venues around the world. 1991 release of Dangerous picked up where Bad left off and sold bucket loads. 1995 History Past Present and Future saw Micheal team up with his sister Janet for the smash hit “Scream”. In 2001 he added Invincible to his growing list of achievements. images

In March 2009 a press conference was called in London and it was announced that Micheal would play a 10 date residence at the 02 arena London. This was called by Micheal “His Final Curtain Call”, the dates were extended to 50 dates after ticket sales blew the promoters away. One million tickets were sold in under two hours, Rehearsals began and the buzz went quiet as everybody waited for the shows to happen. On June 25 2009 Micheal was found dead in his bed in his LA home, doctors tried to resuscitating but failed. Since his death the “THIS IS IT” movie was released showing a very active and controlled Micheal rehearsing for the London shows, speculation and finger pointing has also hit the news and various media outlets.


For me and I hope many of you remember Micheal not for the issues and very public private life, but for the music and the joy he bought to millions around the world. 25 June 2009 is the day real pop music died, but still we can sit and listen to one of the greatest artists of all time. Micheal Jackson will live on forever and I truly believe he deserves too.


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