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I was lucky enough to catch with The Fallen State recently and they told me about supporting Halestorm, how they are music fans first and whats next for them.

“Its awesome to support Halestorm on these dates (Norwich and Nottingham) and they are such a great band. We actually approached them in regards to filling the available slots, they got back to us and the rest is history.”

“We always wanted to do this and we´re all music fans first. You know how it is, you see your idols up there and you know this is what you want to do for a living. Also adding on to that, we want to get as far as we can without signing a record deal and we have management now, which means we will contine to network and see where it goes. Onwards and upwards. ” adds Jon

“The main thing is, we’re looking at expanding now as we have these shows under our belts. We had a few shows dotted around the country before and its always gone well and we’re hoping to continue and roll off the steam of this and aim to keep putting ourselves out there as much as possible.” continues Jon.

Talking of being music fans first, the guys went on to tell me who they are listening to at the moment.

“We love Halestorm, the new Papa Roach album is awesome and Starset, which was your recommendation, Haylee. We love Starset! We listen to so much music to be honest although its mostly Rock. and we’d love to collaborate with so many artists from Rise Against, Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy. The list goes on…. we just love music.”

The guys have 3 EPs under their belts with more on the horizon and they tell us about how the feedback has been.

“The response has been really solid. We’re had so many great comments and its been AMAZING so far. Aside from the recording, we love to get out there and play the music live for our audience and really feel the energy and response from them. We’re looking at getting back into the studio before the end of the summer. So stay tuned!”

Words by Haylee Roebuck

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