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I don’t usually ‘cover’ cover bands (excuse the pun) but ‘The Fat Lizard Band’ have struck a chord with me and I just can’t get enough of them.

The band are based in Southern Spain and haven’t been together very long, Yet you wouldn’t be able to tell as they play so well together and hold a great chemistry throughout their sets.

One of the things that stands out for me, is that they cover songs that other bands DON’T. There are so many bands in the area that churn out the same songs in some shape or form (don’t get me wrong, they are good bands in their own way) whereas The Fat Lizard Band go against the grain and succeed at it.


Phil Jones (lead singer) sings all the lyrics from memory, whereas other bands I’ve seen tend to set their iPads up on a stand in front of them, which feels like a karaoke session with sprinkles on top.

Pedro Clemente (Bassist) is such a skilful and super talented musician. He can play up to 30 different instruments and his style varies immensely. Give him a genre and he nails it, with precision.

Mario Moriche (Guitarist) is a force to be reckoned with. He is expertly skilled and absolutely mesmerising when he gets in to his grove.

Colsten Pils (Drums) is the hard structured backbone of the group that hold every member together. He is such a talent and is on point every time.


 The important thing is, that the guys don’t take themselves too seriously and always have some form of banter going with each crowd no matter where it be and at the end of the day, they enjoy what they do and it resonates through and through.

I highly recommend that you see these guys in action (if you’re in the area, of course)

Words and Photos by Haylee Roebuck

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