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Metallica Through The Never

Metallica Through The Never is a 2013 thriller concert film featuring the American Thrash Metal band, Metallica. The movie also shares its name with the song `Through The Never´ from the bands 1991 `Black´ album.

The film combines never-seen-before live performance by the band that was created exclusively for the film, some may  call it `staged´ as the band’s performance seems `heightened´ at times and the band also appear to play slightly exaggerated versions of themselves.

At one point Hatfield encounters a non-functioning microphone, Which is slams to the ground in aggression, I´m not sure whether that was `staged´ or not but whatever it was, it works.

It’s an intense narrative in which a concert takes place in the background where Trip, a young roadie for the band is sent on an urgent mission to retrieve a bag, which then turns into this surreal adventure where it reveals how far a `fan´ would go for the band he idolizes.

The movie appears not to have a blatant message but it doesn’t necessarily need one. The art speaks for itself throughout and less speaks more in Trip´s eyes. The narrative is so intense that there isn’t any need for the use of words to tell this post apocalypse story.

As the movie comes to its climax, The stage `accident´ (which was actually staged for the movie) leaves the band being huddled in front of a few amps and it succeeds in sucking you into that moment of vulnerability.

From the very first scene, it captions your attention and it doesn’t let go until the closing credits.

A great success by Metallica and everyone who was involved in the making of this unique cinematic experience that you will want to watch again and again.


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