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Tremonti With Support The Raven Age

Sala Arena

Madrid November 27


Barcelona November 28

I was lucky enough to catch Tremonti and his tour support The Raven Age in Madrid and Barcelona last weekend and I was blown away.

I´d never actually heard of The Raven Age before but they have definitely left their imprint on my soul after seeing them in action.

The sound let them down in Madrid but that wasn´t their fault. For such a small venue, the sound system literally felt like your head was being blown off.

They opened with “Uprising” and they allowed it to play before making their entrance. Jai Patel, the bands drummer was first out and starts to work the crowd into a frenzy before the rest of the guys appear to the excited crowd. The band came out guns a blazing in both venues which made a lasting impression on the ever eager crowds.

The band are tight and Michael Burrough´s vocals are on point throughout as they sing out to your soul.

They work their way expertly through “Eye Among The Blind”, “The Death March” and “Angel In Disgrace” without any hint of slowing down.

Tommy Gentry filled in ever so skillfully on guitar for Dan Wright who due to personal reasons couldn´t make the Euro Tour. There was so much stage presence between himself and George Harris that I didn´t even realize he wasn´t in the band until I spoke to Michael in Barcelona.

Matt Cox on bass guitar gave so much energy to complete the solid unit as the band oozed star quality and experience on both nights. I wouldn’t hesitate to see them live again, thats for sure!

They were brutal and both venues was buzzing with excitement for them afterwards.


Tremonti were up next and boy, how I´ve missed seeing these guys as they never fail to entertain me.

The band opened with “Cauterize” and right out of the starting gate, the crowd went wild on both nights. Madrid came hard but Barcelona kept pushing the sound barrier.

“You Waste Your Time” was up next and this track never gets old. The Spanish crowd sang along word for word until their hearts content. Classic “All I Was” followed and pleased the crowd throughout. The pace didn´t falter as the band kept knocking track after track out.

“So You´re Afraid” came next and this track always manages to gives me goosebumps. The crowd were loving every single second of it and it felt safe being here in this moment. We were all as one and nothing was going to break that.

“Flying Monkeys” definitely stood out with its hard and heavy exterior. Eric Friedman showing off his expertise superbly throughout. When Eric plays you really feel it from the tips of your toes to the hairs on the back of your neck.

Tanner Keegan shows why he was chosen to fill in Wolf Van Halen´s spot with his undeniable energy.He jumps around the stage like a crazy passionate man as he plays so skillfully. The boy definitely got bass…..

Garrett Whitlock on drums is an absolute beast, I love watching him play as he gets into his zone and slays those drums. Arms flying in time with the beats as his sticks hit the skins.

Mark Tremonti shreds his way through each track and shows why he one of the worlds best guitarists to date. He is so precise and it is always a pleasure to watch him do his thing. He hypnotizes you with each chord he plays and its great to watch how his confidence as a front man has grown.

They blast through “The Things I´ve Seen”, “Radical Change”, “Dark Trip”, “Brains”, “Providence”, “Arm Yourself”, “Decay”, “Another Heart”, “Sympathy” and closing with “Wish You Well” and a circle pit that Mark requested, the fans continued to go mental and the atmosphere was amazing until the very end.

Both shows were intense, brutal and beautiful.

May Tremonti long reign.

tremonti tour pic

Tremonti with support The Raven Age are currently touring.

Tickets are still available.

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