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Wilson, Nothing More and Halestorm

Leeds. 5/3/15

The anticipation was rising early in Leeds and everybody was pumped as the venue doors opened and it wasn´t long before Wilson took to the stage.

They had the crowds attention from start to finish as they blasted their way through song after song. After seeing them in Nottingham, I knew what to expect this time around yet they still managed to blow me away.

Full blast energy with their Full Blast Fuckery as they tore the UK apart town by town. The crowd soaked them up as if they were bottles of alcohol and knocking them back shot after shot. The music was pumping as the crowd were losing themselves into it.

The crowd absolutely loved them!

From the drums to the vocals and the guitars, every part was executed with skill and precision.

Wilson KILLED it yet again and left us wanting a hell of a lot more.

Nothing More

Up next, were Nothing More. The band had just joined the tour after travelling back from Australia and this was actually their first night.

Even though suffering from jet lag, it didn´t appear to phase them one little bit as they killed it from start to finish.  Vocals were on point as Jonny gave it all he had while the rhythm section held everything tightly together.

A set bursting with energy and visual delights had the crowd´s attention and amazement throughout.


By the time Halestorm took to the stage, the crowd were buzzing and maybe a little too much, as a fist fight broke out during the set. It was handled very promptly by security before too many people even noticed.

The band were on form and they certainly know how to put on a Rock show.

Words by Haylee Roebuck

Photo Credits: Haylee Roebuck

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