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Phoenix Music had chance to catch up with Wilson while the band were touring Europe back in March. We chatted about Full Blast Fuckery, Razor & Tie, the new album and much more….

Fast forward to the present day and `Right To Rise´ the new album is due out June 30th and the guys are preparing to go on a US tour at the end of this month supporting Nothing More.

The Wilson ride just keeps getting wilder and wilder….

“We NEVER thought that we´d make it to Europe! In the past two years specifically has been….what?! what?! what?! what?! you know like, that´s crazy!  that´s how its felt for me, personally. I´m not going to lie and say that when I was a kid, that all those dreams you have as being musicians and to see the world etc but when you crossover and think that your dreams aren´t ever going to happen, your dreams are dead. Well NOT necessarily dead but then you start putting more pressure on yourselves and if you want these things, you have got to focus, become a man, if you will and take care of business. So to see the fruits of your labor or whatever start to come into fruition is pretty wild. You just don´t think its ever going to happen and touring Europe for one, is all fucking new to us.” Adds Chad.

“We´ve not long signed with Razor & Tie and have our new album coming out soon. Nothing has changed per se about the band. The first record `Full Blast Fuckery´ was put out so quick, we were taking every opportunity that we could and for us, that’s what was meant by Full Blast Fuckery. For us, that’s what encompassed OUR band. So going forward, that hasn’t changed but we are just more focused this time around. We had a little time and knew that once we had done all these tours like with, Newsted, Sevendust and all these type of people, we were able to understand how our band works, not only as musicians and players but as an entity of who we’re speaking to. I know who I’m speaking to lyrically and as a person but who’s connecting to what we are doing and we kind of harness that and I use this quote that Full Blast Fuckery was us “Punching and kicking you in the genitals as hard and fast as we can” So this next record is us STILL “Punching and kicking you in the genitals but we have this specific cross-hair that we want to hit in your genitals every second.” I admit that there is also a little fondling with this record as well.” Continues Chad.

“You know, this band had been around a bit before that record came out and we kind of built our ethos on who we are as a band especially in the States, Mid-West and Canada. We had self booked tours for a month and a half at a time and there had been a bunch of things that happened, whereas you put stuff on the internet but its not the same, maybe it reaches a lot more of an audience that way but its not the same as having 10 people in a room watching you play. Those 10 people will walk away and know immediately what you’re going for. If you put stuff on the internet, there’s like a veil in front of it…like I don’t know really who these people are or who this band is, I know they’re out to kick our asses in a good way and they want to have a lot of fun with us but maybe I shouldn’t talk shit around them or whatever it is you feel around us as people and who we are as humans that is conveyed out there but I guess we’re just used to it. You know, there’s battles that you choose to fight and then there’s battles that you choose to lay down your sword. I feel that we’ve been lucky and fortunate enough that nothing has ever discouraged us at all on this ride.”

We are always intrigued to know what our favorite bands like to listen to and Wilson were open to sharing this topic with us.

“Alice In Chains is a constant go to, Crobot, Periphery, Clutch, Lamb of God, Thin Lizzy, Black Crowes and the list goes on really.” Adds James and Jason.

“I don’t really listen to a lot of newer stuff but the only examples would be, Sam Smith and King 810. It either has a natural talent to it which is just something undeniable, Something that scares the shit out of me or it makes me want to party and if it doesn’t do any of those 3 things then I don’t particularly want to know. Oh! Meg Myers, I love her, she’s got that natural talent and I love the raw emotion. Another example would be Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. I can listen to that any time and be like, I’m good. It’s music that never gets old. Sam Smith is really the only thing recently, where I know its a raw, unabashed talent.” Continues Chad.

After getting all serious with the guys, it was only fair that we bought the interview to a lighthearted close and we wanted to know which superhero they would choose to be.

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to be Wolverine……but as I get older, I want to say Thor. He’s got that whole bad ass but do good and the way he views females, not to get all weird but its the fact he isn’t an ass hole and he’s got a lot of humanity in him.” Adds Chad.

“I wanted to be Wolverine also but now as an adult, it just feels really impractical….you know, if you’re just totally fucking some chick and your claws come out and she just dies haha! what are you gonna do?! haha! So Spiderman would be sweet. I could just scale buildings and shit and have a real nice lean body. The chicks would dig that shit. Although I would be more of a selfish Spiderman as I wouldn’t really want to be a superhero, I would just sit playing bass with my band but would be Spiderman also. I would just use my powers to get a beer or a joint and such haha.” Adds James.

Wilson have shown that there is a lot more to them than just Full Blast Fuckery and we can’t wait see them rise even further. It would only be right…..

 Right To Rise is available June 30th

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