The teaching design and teaching method of the course of “design of living space

With the current rapid development of society, the traditional teaching design of the course “Design of Living Spaces” can no longer meet the needs of the current development, so it must be improved.

The development of innovative thinking and the guidance and cultivation of innovative thinking are the key elements to improve the quality of teaching and design of “living space design”, so the education mode can be adjusted from the perspective of innovative classroom design. At present, the teaching effect of “living space design” in China is not ideal, and there are many problems that affect the quality of teaching, which will be explained below.

1 The current situation of “living space design” course design

Living space is different from the rest of the space form, the privacy is relatively strong, full of the characteristics of the occupants and the characteristics of the occupants. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for housing have also been significantly improved, so the “living space design” should not only meet the functional layout requirements, but also try to meet the individual needs of the residents, to create the most ideal living environment. The practicality and applicability of “living space design” are relatively strong, and in order to improve the teaching quality of “living space design”, we should also start from these two aspects and study how to improve the teaching quality.

The course of living space design can be regarded as a basic course of interior design, in which students should not only master some basic interior design work mode, but also master some work methods to improve the quality of scheme design, break the original scheme design work principle and the corresponding design elements, flexibly use various knowledge by improving the basic design methods and other forms, master interior decoration materials and interior The way of working with construction drawings to improve the quality of the application of interior design knowledge point scheme design.

From that situation, the classroom should not only contain theoretical teaching content, but also impart some practical content. The house plans are given in the form of schematic design and the students are allowed to arrange the house space on their own. If the conceptual space is created in this way, the students can be more bold to do some thinking, and the personality of the design is gradually highlighted, and the design can be fed back to the teacher to improve the feasibility of the design.

When students design, they can break the traditional space layout and traditional furniture placement to show their own personality, but this breakthrough needs to be based on achievable, in order to ensure that the “breakthrough” has practical significance.

2 Problems of “living space design” teaching

Usually, the practical teaching in the curriculum is arranged after the theoretical teaching in the classroom, and the relevant knowledge is taught through the mode of fractional and concentrated teaching.

The disadvantages of this teaching mode are obvious, if students encounter various difficult problems in the learning process, or there is no time to answer students’ questions, it will lead to students’ puzzlement and failure to solve relevant problems for a long time, and may lead to students’ loss of interest in learning.

In the subsequent period of practical sessions, although a period of time has passed for theoretical knowledge learning, it is difficult to combine theory and practice together. Therefore, the practical teaching work mode can be integrated into the theoretical teaching, so that teachers can free up their time to guide students to grasp the knowledge points and absorb the knowledge better and faster.

Most of the students are relatively lack of hands-on practical ability, and this part of the students often have the feeling of being unable to start when facing the project, which seriously affects the future application of the knowledge of “living space design”. In the process of practical teaching, good hands-on skills are one of the professional qualities that interior designers must have.

The students will experience the importance of space arrangement in the design process by reorganizing the space according to different specifications to obtain a new space that is more in line with the current development. In that process, students are less aware of the materials and lack the skills to work on craft production, and the knowledge gives the work an appearance, but lacks inspiration.

3 Practical teaching mode of “living space design” basic course

To fundamentally improve the teaching quality of “living space design” course, it is necessary to optimize it from the practical level. Taking projects as the basis and combining with theoretical knowledge points, the project teaching mode is introduced into the current classroom teaching process. In the face of project projects, the problems should be regarded as the main precursor of classroom lectures, and some new design tasks should be introduced continuously so that students can follow the content of the design tasks.

Break the traditional teaching mode of teachers teaching knowledge points, but through a series of forms to put forward some problems, guide students to find these problems, study these problems, evoke the students’ desire to know in this area and the desire to explore the location knowledge points, enhance the students’ event design ability.

The design plan should not be focused on the form and function, but also allow students to come up with a more complete plan in order to ensure the normal development of the teaching of “living space design” later. For the shortcomings in the teaching process, it is necessary for the teaching staff engaged in “living space design” to continue to explore in the future.

4 Integrating the teaching mode of reversal classroom into the teaching design of “living space design

Reverse classroom teaching is a popular teaching mode in recent years, and after years of continuous use, it has achieved certain effects. To improve the classroom teaching content, we can record some videos according to the teaching plan chapters or different teaching projects, and apply the concept of reversed classroom to the actual classroom teaching.

Because the professional characteristics of architectural design course are obvious, it is often constrained by various conditions, so both software and hardware must be improved to ensure the teaching quality of “living space design”. First of all, we can start from the level of cloud platform and cloud network construction to provide a network teaching platform for classroom teaching, so that students can learn according to their own needs. Secondly, teachers can also record the classroom teaching contents and record the recorded materials into the cloud platform to realize the sharing of classroom teaching information resources.

Courses can also be taught online on a regular basis, and teachers and students can learn knowledge through online interaction, making the learning classroom ubiquitous. Teachers can also use the online platform to review some students’ homework and correct their homework situation, while students can put forward some of their own confusion or their own opinions based on the difficult issues in the classroom teaching process. On the whole, we should arrange the course according to the requirements of classroom teaching, minimize the negative conditions, and improve the quality of teaching design of “living space design”.

5 Conclusion

The above article starts from the problems of the current “living space design” course teaching, from the current situation of “living space design” course design, “living space design” basic course From the perspectives of the current problems of teaching “living space design”, the current design situation of “living space design” course, the practical teaching mode of “living space design” basic course and the integration of the reversed classroom teaching mode into the teaching design of “living space design”, we have elaborated on how to improve the design teaching quality.