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We use high quality design source files and documentation to go with every job. For example, starting the microwave when a user presses the “START” button. The Graphic overlay integrates functional text, marks, trademarks, transparent windows and display. Dyna-Graphics utilizes subsurface printing techniques to screen-print legends and background colors on the back side of the graphic layer of the CPO’s that we produce. Our graphic overlay printing processes ensure durability and provide an accurate, long-lasting reproduction of your graphics and colors. For these reasons, the panel graphic overlay plays a significant role in defining the user experience.

We offer your choice of three 3M brand adhesives to suit your needs. These will give you an idea of the quality and the different types of labels that we do. As with all our production, the final product is 100% inspected and checked to make sure it meets all specifications before it is shipped to our customers. Add or remove graphics from this list to modify what is displayed. You can add listeners to this list to monitor changes to the list. Graphics overlays display on top of all other data in a MapView or SceneView. A graphic’s z-index can be used to define its draw order in the collection and is mostly relevant for display in a two dimensional map.

Digital printing or screen printing techniques are the best overlay printing choices we employ for our clients. This makes graphic overlays an ideal form of instructional signage. Their ability to be selectively transparent or have window cutouts can make them compatible next to LED screens or on a wide array of different color surfaces. Many times stickers refer to simply printing on paper with regular ink. Other times our customer will ask for pressure-sensitive stickers, which they refer to as labels. It’s the first thing that you and your customers see when looking at your product. It is the viewing surface that the customer interacts with when they use your product for the first time. Graphic Overlays are sometimes referred to as faceplates or nameplates because it is the face of the product and contains your company’s name or logo. Other terms for Graphic Overlays are Control Panel Overlays, HMI Interface, or Device Overlay. While understanding the importance and mechanics of a graphic overlay may be difficult, the professional printing team at Express Image can help ensure you receive the best results possible.

Some don’t require attribution, and you won’t need to worry at all. Use this overlay for a bit of fun, to add a child-like, happy feeling to your project. Austin Newman gives us just that, and a tutorial to go with it. This is a quick, easy way to get that authentic old film look. A beautiful, rainbow light leak overlay like this adds something very special to an edit. This warm, bright overlay is great for adding a fresh, new atmosphere to your project.

Because Graphic Overlays are oftentimes thought of to be the “face” of your product, they’re the main touchpoint for human interaction as well. Graphic Overlays go over the control panel to address the functionality of every individual button found on the layer beneath. Each touchpoint found on the Graphic Overlay will complete a different function, so the icons or symbols found on the Graphic Overlay are of significant importance. For instance, there may be a button that turns the device’s power on, while another button could be the “emergency stop” button. However, without a Graphic Overlay, you wouldn’t know what button completed what function. Graphic Overlays help to provide a sense of functionality to your product and are the main touchpoint for User Interface. Many vehicles have dead fronted graphic overlays in front of the gauges. Automotive instrument clusters display check engine and other alert lights.

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Excellent experience in manufacturing membrane switch for global clients for over 15 years is our strongpoint, that makes difference with our competitors. Functionally, the graphic overlay is often used to protect moisture ingress into the user interface unit. Manufacturers have an essentially endless array of design options for customizing a graphic overlay, including embossing, coloring, tinting, display windows, backlighting and texturing. Printed Facia Panels are a key part of any control panel system as they are both functional and informative. These printed graphic products are the first item that an operator’s eye is drawn to. Consequently, the graphic overlay has a big influence on the user’s first impression. Attention to detail, precise colour matching and intuitive graphics are critical factors in creating an effective graphical overlay. WeProFab can make a different kind of graphics overlays for you.

They are experienced China exporters for your online sourcing. Update your electrical products and buy from these credible suppliers with the latest China production technology. We hope to keep every buyer up to date with this fastest moving electronic industry and the latest products trends. You can also contact our buyer service and get some buying guides. GSM Valtech specialises in the design and manufacture of graphic panels and fascias. You can make a feature of your electrical control panel using graphic overlays and membrane keypads supplied by us. Our Inst-A-Screen™ printing product was introduced in 1999 enabling us to offer a cost saving alternative to conventional screen printing. Inst-A-Screen™ provides customers with high quality scratch resistant custom overlays, eliminating the set-up tooling costs and time delays associated with traditional screen printing technology. Starting at $175.00, Inst-A-Screen™ is ideal for limited run prototypes and offers equally competitive prices for production quantities. ElecFlex is a leading China-based professional membrane switch, graphic overlay and related products manufacturer located in Nanjing .

In industrial settings, graphic overlays allow professionals to give commands to their equipment. The same is true for a host of commercial utilities like telephones, cleaning equipment and door access control systems. In homes, membrane keypads can be found on many kinds of domestic utilities like dishwashers, ovens, food processors and even on children’s toys. On most live streaming platforms, you can add an image that appears at the top of your channel page. This channel banner is a prime opportunity to show who you are, what your channel is about, and what you can offer to viewers. Your channel banner should have a style consistent with your other visual elements, especially your panels. 🌈 Designing your live stream’s visual elements is a crucial part of creating live video.

Together we explore solutions to challenges your products must overcome. The Graphic Overlay is often the primary visual aspect of your equipment that your customer will see and feel; a well-designed and constructed overlay will enhance the quality and value of your product. Allow Mar-Tek associates to bring their experience, knowledge and focus on Quality and Value to your project and we’ll work together to make your product the best it can be. Sets whether this graphics overlay’s symbols and labels honor the map reference scale when displayed in a map view. Gets whether this graphics overlay’s symbols and labels honor the map reference scale when displayed in a map view. ​Sets whether this graphics overlay’s symbols and labels honor the map reference scale when displayed in a map view. ()Gets whether this graphics overlay’s symbols and labels honor the map reference scale when displayed in a map view.

End-user application; this guides in knowing which material would be the best fit for a particular function of the graphic overlay. For example, medical equipment will require a different graphic overlay material from construction equipment. Polycarbonate graphic overlay is relatively easy to texture, print, and die cut. Polyester– It is regarded as one of the best graphic overlay materials that guarantee high performance, tougher and more durable than the likes of polycarbonate. In some instances, it is referred to as a membrane switch overlay, which is an intuitive component of an electronic interface that connects the user to the machine or equipment. The raw material of your graphics overlay could be Lexan, PET, PVC, aluminum, other plastics, or metals. We will choose suitable manufacturing processes to make your graphics overlay. Those processes include printing, silkscreen, anodizing, etching, embossing, die-cut, transfer die-cut, CNC machining, laminating, and more. Custom manufacturer of graphic overlays using the various types of materials and inks.